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Hi, we're Rick and Teresa.

We teach Individuals, Couples, Families, and Businesses how to Win at Relationships and Thrive at Live.


Learn 10 Simple Tools to Tweak Your Way to a Positivity Life

10 Simple Tools to Tweak Your Way to a Positivity Life

Research indicates that positivity can improve your health and wellbeing and increase longevity. It can also elevate happiness levels, strengthen relationships, enhance productivity & creativity, brighten your outlook, and upgrade your overall life satisfaction. 

So if you're ready to experience more positivity in YOUR life, this e-book will help you get started. You'll learn TEN transformational tools to help you enjoy more positive emotion and all of the associated benefits. 

Hi! Welcome to Positivity Life!

We are Rick and Teresa Starr, CAPP, Certified Applied Positive Psychology Practitioners, Podcast Co-Hosts and Bloggers at Positivity Life.  

Positivity Life explores pathways to optimal health, happiness & personal potential. It's about focusing on & celebrating the good in life & in people!  

Through our online courses and blog posts, we'll teach you skills, tools, and techniques to help you thrive at life. On our podcast we’ll bring you experts, mentors, authors and coaches in the fields of health, wellness and Positive Psychology.  

We’re super excited to have you join our community and enjoy the journey toward a Positivity Life! 

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