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Season 1 Episode 14: The Laughter Wellness Method with Sebastien Gendry

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Sebastien Gendry is an international expert in laughter for wellness and wellbeing. He has over 11 years of full-time experience working with thousands of people on four continents. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, 60 minutes, ABC Good Morning America, National Public Radio, and many more national media. He is the creator of the Laughter Wellness method, an interactive practice focused on developing a positive attitude and designed to improve physical, mental, emotional and especially social wellbeing and integration. Sebastien currently dedicates most of his time running The Laughter Consultants, a team of professional wellbeing experts, as well as The Laughter Online University, a leading provider of eLearning solutions on Laughter Therapy, with students in 33 countries.

Sebastien played a major role in introducing Laughter Yoga in North America and other countries in the mid 2000s. He currently dedicates most of his time running The Laughter Consultants a team of professional wellbeing experts, as well as The Laughter Online University, a leading provider of eLearning solutions on Laughter Wellness, Laughter Yoga.

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After 3 years of a stress burnout, Sebastien began a journey to find ways to feel more happy in life. He studied many healing methods for body, mind, and spirit, such as energy work, yoga, and various naturopathic healing methods. At last he came to learn of community laughter clubs, around the world. The method began in India and is now practiced world-wide.

On this podcast, Sebastien shares the following ideas:

*5 Ways to tap into joy (sing, dance, laugh, play and everything else).

*Joy exists in the present moment and is a personal choice.

*Different ways to enjoy the healing benefits of laughter.

*The 10th annual laughter conference (attendees include health care professionals, business professionals, teachers and other service professionals, and many others who are committed to spreading wellness and wellbeing through laughter, joy and positivity.

*The benefits of laughter on physical health, mental health, social health, emotional health and spiritual health.

*Laughter utilizes both hemispheres of the brain and therefore boosts creativity and togetherness.

*Laughter benefits emotional health as it releases the feel-good-hormones: Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins.

*Laughter connects people socially as it gives them an opportunity to validate each other and reinforce social integration.

*Spirituality is also improved because laughter boosts all of the qualities that help people to become a better version of who they are and who they want to become.

*The brain, in a state of positivity, is 28 – 33% more productive than the brain in a neutral or negative state.

*Laughter improves immune function as it helps move lymph throughout the body 10 – 15 times faster.

*40 years of documented laughter research has shown that laughter is a powerful form of complimentary medicine.

*Physical Benefits of laughter have been validated and documented and are reliable and sustainable (and free).

Choosing to laugh in the face of adversity is a declaration of independence that stress, anxiety, fear, and hate have not and will not win. ~Sebastien Gendry

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From Sebastien Gendry’s website:

We didn’t really know until recently how to use laughter as a sound and reliable therapeutic tool, but we do now and the results are unbelievable. There is an untapped force, contained within us, that has the power to totally change our lives. All we have to do in order to unlock this secret, is to simply start using it. The Laughter Wellness method shows you how to safely and reliably unlock the many healing benefits of laughter throughout people’s lifespan. It’s a unique, engaging, uplifting, stress-relieving, and fun whole-body well-being workout.

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