March 25

Embracing Your Innate Strengths

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Hello, it’s Teresa here with some ideas that I hope will knock your socks off because today I’m talking to you about Shoes, (AND Strengths).

As I sat in my closet (actually it was my daughter’s closet – you can see her recently worn bridal gown bag hanging up behind me), I started thinking deeply about shoes and the various types we all wear. Some shoes work best for working and others are best for play. Somehow it got me thinking about the innate core strengths each of us brings into this world. So here are a few of my thoughts (or you can just watch the video below).

Embracing Your Innate Strengths

First off I picked up my “A to B shoes.” They’re my trail runners, my powerful – get the job done, climb that mountain shoes. The have extra tread and a curved toe that helps me push off and run fast – even in rugged terrain. These are my “power shoes.”

The shoes I wear most are my “connector shoes.” They are built to be comfortable & allow me to connect with others without worrying about my feet. They are very supportive. I can Work hard in these shoes to meet the needs of those I’m serving in my daily work as a teacher.

Then there are my “go out on the town and have a good time shoes.” These shoes are classy, flashy, fun & sassy! I would never wear these on a trail run – but then again would I wear my trail runners out for a classy night out on the town with my husband. These are my “FUN shoes!” My “let the good times roll shoes!”

Finally, there are my “peaceful shoes.” They are the next best thing to being barefoot shoes. They’re comfortable, relaxed, and very practical. My feet feel at peace in these shoes.

People are like shoes. We all have innate core strengths and we usually feel most purposeful in life when we share our gifts, talents and strengths with others. It’s important that we also appreciate and value the innate gifts and strengths of others.

Unlike shoes, people can develop strengths in other areas. Although I feel most comfortable in my “connector shoes,” I can choose to develop the character strengths found in my “A to B power shoes.” It’s also important that I allow myself opportunity to wear my “fun shoes” every once in awhile. This rejuvenates me and reminds me that life is to be enjoyed, not just endured. And then there are those times when I just need to take time to be at peace. I shouldn’t expect myself to be serving others ALL the time. Sometimes I just need to be still and be comfortable. And that’s when I slip on my “peace shoes.”

My message:
Embrace and value your core strengths, appreciate and value the strengths of others and be willing to increase your character by trying on a different kind of shoes, in other words be willing to have a growth mindset and strive to stretch yourself to develop strengths in other areas. That’s how your build CHARACTER.

In a nutshell, love your shoes, love others’ shoes and try on a new pair every now and then, just for the fun (and the growth) of it.

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