March 2

Season 1 Episode 5: 10 Strategies to Help Reduce Anxiety, Fear, & Panic

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10 Strategies to Help Reduce Anxiety, Fear & PanicTeresa shares her personal story and how these strategies helped her. These steps are based on scientific research as well as recommendations from previous Positivity Life Podcast guest, Barry McDonagh (anxiety expert and author of DARE and creator of Panic Away – a program that has helped over 80,000 people across the world). This podcast refers a lot to episode 4 so if you haven’t watched Episode 4 of Positivity Life Podcast with Barry McDonagh, CLICK HERE.

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In this episode Rick and Teresa discuss “10 Strategies to Help Reduce Fear, Anxiety & Panic”. The 10 steps to help you overcome fear, anxiety and panic are listed below. Listen to this podcast for specific details on how to apply each strategy.

  1. Practice relaxation daily (link to relaxation CD below).
  2. Learn and practice relaxation breathing daily.
  3. Regularly use visualization to help you overcome your fear.
  4. “Baby steps” in the right direction.
  5. Develop an opposition plan.
  6. Don’t be hard on yourself, fear and anxiety are very common and normal.
  7. Choose an empowered response.
  8. Do visit your doctor to check out symptoms. If he diagnoses your symptoms as anxiety then you can stop stressing about the bodily sensations that accompany anxiety.
  9. Commit to do the work.
  10. Celebrate success (even the little victories along the way)!

One final way to help reduce anxiety and fear, as suggested by Barry McDonagh, take care of your physical health. Get adequate sleep, good nutrition, drink plenty of fresh water, get regular exercise and cut out anything that is stimulating to your system, such as sugar, soda, and caffeine.

10 Strategies to Help Reduce Anxiety, Fear, & Panic


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Barry McDonagh’s Book – “DARE, The new way to end anxiety and stop panic attacks fast.”

Note: This is not meant to replace your doctor’s advice. Please check with your physician before implementing any suggestions from this podcast.


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