February 23

Season 1 Episode 1: Rick and Teresa Starr

Podcast, Positive Psychology



Season 1 Episode 1: Welcome to the Positivity Life Podcast – with Rick & Teresa Starr [Podcast]


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We would like to formally welcome you to our new podcast, Positivity Life!

The mission of Positivity Life is to explore pathways to optimal health, happiness & personal potential. Our goal is to bring you inspiration, motivation, and actionable advice, from the best coaches, experts, authors and mentors on the planet.

On Positivity Life we will be talking about REAL life, lived in the most fulfilling way. This includes finding meaning and purpose in life, conquering challenges, building resilience, developing strengths, cultivating gratitude, optimism, & GRIT and savoring life’s simple pleasures, nurturing relationships, uplifting others and pursuing happiness, health and wellness in mind, body & spirit.

On our website, and in our podcast, you’ll find 6 pathways that we focus on that are components of what we call a Positivity Life. Those pathways are, heart, mind, body, spirit, relationships and life strategies.

Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ll cover in each of the 6 pathways.


This has to do with positive emotions (such and gratitude, love, forgiveness) and the beneficial effects that they have on our quality of life and our ability to flourish. Positive emotions also help us deal with life stressors and help us become resilient.


We will give you tools to get your mind right. We will also teach you specific life practices that will help in developing a healthy mindset, developing mindfulness, overcoming worry and anxiety, and learning tools and habits to overcome the natural negativity bias that exists in each one of us, to some degree. We’ll talk a lot about intentional activities, like focusing on strengths, visualizing success, designing and creating your future.


You body is a gift. It’s the vehicle in which you travel through this life. Taking care of your body makes it possible for you to enjoy more positive emotions, a healthier mindset, better relationships, and overall wellbeing. On the podcast we’ll discuss ways to nurture and care for your body, including topics like good nutrition, proper exercise, and adequate sleep.


Research suggests that religious and spiritual beliefs have tremendous positive benefits to individuals and societies. Studies demonstrate a close link between spiritual and religious practices and happiness. Spirituality is closely related to the discovering of greater meaning in life, more gratitude, improved relationships, more altruism, kindness, forgiveness, and volunteerism. Spiritual/religious practices are also broadly associated with increased coping ability in stressful life events.


Studies show that quality relationships are very strongly correlated with happiness and flourishing in life. We will teach you strategies to help you proactively enhance and deepen the quality of your relationships. Well talk about love languages, personality types, and positive communication skills.

Life Strategies

Strong life strategies give you direction in your life. They also help you build goals and habits that will lead you to your desired outcomes. These include things like time and energy management, setting and achieving goals, how to prioritize. Doing these things will help you attain more creativity and flow in your life. This can also include things like body language, public speaking, and other life skills that can broaden and build upon your strengths and condition you for a life of success and positivity.

So tune in every Monday and Wednesday for the Positivity Life Podcast. Also, please check out our website for our weekly blog. Each week we’ll also have drawings for prizes. Winners names will be posted every Friday.

That’s right, every week we’ll be giving away prizes related to our weekly guests and/or topics. You can be entered in those contests by leaving a rating and a comment on our podcast page in iTunes. You’ll also want to go over to our blog at PositivityLife.com where you can sign up for our weekly newsletter which will keep you informed about our weekly guests, our drawings for PRIZES and other blog posts to help you live a life of positivity.

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions, or requests, please email us at [email protected]

Thanks for joining us today and have a GREAT day![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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