Month: August 2019

How a Growth Mindset Leads to the Best Happily Ever Afters

by Tiffany Park (Guest Blogger) If you’ve seen “Enchanted” or “Shrek,” you’re familiar with the comical nod toward the unrealistic “happily ever after” mentality that riddles our favorite fairy tales and fables. A damsel in distress longingly awaits “true love’s kiss” that will save her from a life of misery, magically commencing the perfect, romantic … Read more

21-Days of Social Connection For Health, Happiness, & Longevity

Every day is a good day for building and strengthening relationships, and not just because it feels good but also because it is essential to good health. Can improving your social abilities really make you healthier and happier? Absolutely! Recent research backs it up! That’s why we’ve provided this free 21-Day Social Connections Calendar, to … Read more